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Purchase FAQs

The trial version of this Prof. DRM Media Pack allows you to have a free trial before you purchase the registered version. It should be noted that the trial version is limited in features and functions. In order to enjoy the full features of this program, you need to register the program.

  • The free trial version allows you to convert only the first 5-minute content of iTunes video, audiobook files, as well as the first 3-minute content of iTunes music files and the first 20% of the content of corresponding files for free while you can convert the full length of the source file with the help of registered version.
  • Using the registered version, you can gain free technical support from the releaser Leawo Software.
  • The registered version allows you to get program updates for free while the trial version does not.
registered version

To enjoy the unlimited features of Prof. DRM Media Pack, you need to purchase a registration code for getting the registered version. By clicking the “Buy Now” button to choose either one to get the registration code.

After receiving the registration code(s), you are required to enter the code into the box and activate the related functions.

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