Audials One 2021

Get access and enjoy top-quality music, movies, series, and internet TV faster and easier by upgrading to the latest Audials One 2021.

Audials One 2021


A Complete Media Locate, Download, Convert, Record, and Organize Solution

  • Radio – Listen to the radio and record internet radio stations.
  • Music Wishes – Get songs from the radio stations and the internet automatically.
  • Podcasts – Listen and subscribe to millions of episodes.
  • Music TV – Receive and watch broadcasts.
  • Record Music – Save audio streams as individual songs.
  • Save Video – Record and save video streams.
  • Converter – Convert audio and video.
  • Copy DVD – Copy protected and unprotected DVDs.
  • Media Center – Enjoy music, movies, and entertainment anywhere.

Music Entertainment

With Audials One, you can hunt for specific tracks and artists in a vast sea of stations.

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Recording Radio Stations

The Largest Collections of Radio Stations

Along with a wide range of 100,000 radio stations, Audials also provides you with the best international stations. You can browse through stations in a conventional way according to music genres, countries, languages, or locality. Or alternatively, you can find suitable radio stations quickly by entering your favorite artist into.

Record Songs with Complete ID3 Tags

You can get all the important information about the best radio stations on one compact page, including all their radio streams, social news, podcasts and the musicians they play most often. This overview also helps you to find stations that play similar music. Using the radio playlist, you can also record hits even after they’ve been played!

Experience Radio in Completely Individualized

Audials learn from your usage and finds new radio stations corresponding to your music taste with the “Suited to me” function. You can also add your favorite radio stations to different favorites lists, enabling you to maintain a full overview of everything.

Record Massive Trasks

Simply select your favorite music genre, sort by country or language, use individually pinned radio stations, or employ favorite lists with your favorite radio stations to make mass recordings. You can set a recording limit by using the radio timer for recording duration or by limiting the total number of recorded music tracks.

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Audials One Media Library

Media Center

Audials offers many capabilities for building up your music collection and video library. This includes a media management area for PC and clouds, for filling up smartphones and tablets as well as a convenient media player with lots of extras.

Audials enhances your music collection with ID3 tags and song lyrics, ensures a uniform normalization of the music pieces and plays them with the integrated player with playlists for your entertainment.

The media management is complemented by a video library sorted according to your criteria. With the help of its movie database, Audials automatically completes information for existing recordings and new movies.

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