Audials One 2019

Get access and enjoy top-quality music, movies, series and internet TV faster and easier by upgrading to the latest Audials One 2019.

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Discover and Download MP3 from YouTube, Souldcloud

Music Entertainment

With Audials One, you can hunt for specific tracks and artists in a vast sea of station.

Download & Record Songs

You can either download songs from YouTube and Vimeo, or add them to wishlist so Audials record them as soon as they’re played on a radio station (which results in better audio quality). You can wish for regular audio files, music videos or karaoke versions, and choose your own download settings. Just set up your lists, click ‘Activate’ and leave Audials to do its thing.

Discover New Music by Artists

Because it’s based around radio stations, Audials One is also a great way to discover new music by artists who would have otherwise slipped under your radar. Listen to a track by one of your favorite performers, then see what else the station has to offer. Searching for an artist or song will also provide a list of stations that play it regularly.

Browse Stations by Genre and Location

You can browse stations by genre and location, which is a welcome touch, and when you select an artist, other performers will appear in a mind-map style diagram. The principle makes sense, but unfortunately the graphics don’t look great and don’t scale well for different screen sizes.

Audials Turbo! Exclusively with Audials One!

Only Audials One searces the best music websites like and simultaneously monitor thousands of internet stations around the world using the Audials radio network. This ensures you are provided with lightning-fast, legally and with targeted searching! Enjoy singles, albums or entire discographies by your favourite artists with this one-of-a-kind wish list.

Record everthing in the best quality

Streaming Video Recorder

Simply click on the Audials tile for the desired video stream, then start the film and Audials records it in the video format you want and optimised for any device.

Record Movies from the Internet

Simply click on the Audials tile for the desired video stream, then start recording movies and TV series from platforms like Netflix, Amazon and more. You can output the recorded video files in the format you want and optimised for PC, smartphone, tablet, and any othter device.

Auto-tagging for Films

Audials has the ability to identify the name of the movie automatically. All it takes is just one click to receive tags like the video title, film image, genre, year, cast, director, and more. Using the editor, you can change this information manually at any time you want later on.

Record All Seasons of your Favorite TV Show

With Audials One, you can automatically record original programs and all other series from Amazon Instant Video or Netflix episode by episode using the new autoplay function in the video stream recorder. It works great with the Google Chrome browser for Amazon as well as Netflix.

EME Master – the new DRM for HTML5

EME is now becoming popular with video-on-demand services and is part of the HTML5-Standards for the new versions of the browsers Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. With EME the movie is transmitted to your browser encrypted. Audials easily reassembles these images into a video file without quality loss!

music media center

Media Center

Audials offers many capabilities for building up your music collection and video library. This includes a media management area for PC and clouds, for filling up smartphones and tablets as well as a convenient media player with lots of extras.

Audials enhances your music collection with ID3 tags and song lyrics, ensures a uniform normalization of the music pieces and plays them with the integrated player with playlists for your entertainment.

The media management is complemented by a video library sorted according to your criteria. With the help of its movie database, Audials automatically completes information for existing recordings and new movies.