Kindle DRM Removal

Remove DRM from Amazon Kindle Books

  • Quickly and easily remove Kindle ebook DRM protection with 1-click;
  • Bulk decrypt your purchased Kindle AZW, AZW1, AZW3, PRC, Topaz, TPZ, Mobi eBooks;
  • Just remove Kindle files’s DRM header data and keep all the original contents and effect;
  • Zero click to bypass Amazon Kindle DRM from AZW, Mobi, PRC, AZW3, AZW4, Topaz, TPZ.

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Remove Amazon Kindle DRM from AZW, Mobi, PRC, AZW3, AZW4, Topaz, TPZ

Perfectly remove DRM from Kindle books which are synced via Kindle for PC/Mac, or copied from E-Ink Kindle devices.
Support Kindle books in these formats: AZW, AZW3, PRC, Mobi, AZW4, TPZ, Topaz.

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Automatical Kindle DRM Remover

Kindle DRM Removal scans the Kindle contents folder if Kindle for PC/Mac is installed. You only need to import all the synced books to the software and it will remove the DRM automatically. For the books copied from E-Ink Kindle devices, this software would ask you to input serial number for successful decryption.

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DRM Kindle Decryption

Always keep up with the latest DRM scheme

The regular upgrads keeps up with the latest Kindle scheme, so every user is guaranteed to successfully remove Kindle DRM as long as the books can be read via Kindle for PC/Mac by user. (Rented Kindle book is not supported)

Decrypted Kindle eBooks With No Quality Losing

Kindle DRM Removal only removes the Kindle file’s DRM header data, and keeps all the original contents and effect. Some Kindle books might change the extension name after being decrypted, like from .azw to .azw3/.mobi. That’s normal, the contents and layout will not be changed.

keep quality

How to remove DRM protection from encrypted Kindle files?

To get started with removing DRM protection from Kinle eBooks, please download and install the Kindle for PC. Once the program is launched, you can get a cute introduction image. Click “I’m Ready” button to start using program.

Kindle DRM Removal introduction

Step 1. Add DRM Kindle books to program

By default, Kindle DRM Removal shall be able to discover your purchased Kindle books automatically and you can see them in the right side library column on the program.

If the library is empty, you can use the following way to add books into the program.

If the right side library column is empty, and you indeed synced your purchased Kindle books via Kindle for PC. You can manually add them into the program.

Run Kindle for PC, click “Tools –> Options”, then switch to “Content” tab, you will see your Kindle content folder.

Kindle content path

Then open the Kindle content folder, choose the books and manually drag them into the program’s interface. Or you can click Quick Setting button to set the source location to your current Kindle content folder by inputting the path.

set ebooks source location

Tips: We DO recommend you sync your purchased Kindle books via Kindle for PC at first, then use our program to decrypt them.

Step 2. Removing DRM from Kindle books

Drag the books you want to decrypt from the library right side to the main interface, the books DRM will be removed automatically.

Then click “Open Folder” button in the lower right corner you can access to the folder where saves the decrypted files.

Tips: Kindle DRM Removal adds an area called “Kindle serial number or PIDs” in settings windows.
This function is for those people who has an E-Ink Kindle and doesn’t want to use Kindle for PC to sync books. If you don’t have an E-Ink Kindle, please leave this blank empty. Click here to learn when to use Kindle SN for removing DRM.

Decrypt DRM Protected eBooks

Support DRM Support eBook Formats
Amazon Kindle DRM AZW, AZW1, AZW3 Mobi, PRC Topaz, TPZ, AZW1, HTMLZ

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