Record online music any Streaming audio on Mac!

  • An easy way to record online music on Mac (including Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks).
  • Automatically detect any audio stream that is playing on your computer.
  • Simply record in MP3/M4A format with 1:1 quality in a single click.
  • Audio recorder complies with all copyright law and is 100% legal to use.

Supported OS:

Record Online Music and Local Audio with 1:1 Quality

Audio Recorder for Mac is the easiest Mac music recording software, which can record audio from any streaming audio sources, including online radio stations, web videos, and music video sharing website like YouTube, Pandora, and more. Fo playing your favorite music without an internet connection, just get this Mac audio recorder in hand and simply click on the red Record button to start recording.

  • Record audio from online radio stations including: Pandora, Spotify, BBC Radio Audio, AOL Music, Radio Blog Club, XM Radio Online, etc.
  • Record any music from more than 1000 video sharing sites, such as YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, VEVO, Myspace and many more.
  • Grab music from desktop media players like QuickTime player, Windows Media Player, iTunes and so on;
recording audio on Mac
Music Recording

Record Pure Music Without Ads

Thia audio recorder can intelligently filter out all the ads which are played during the recording process. Just make the settings and the recorder will do the rest for you.

identify Music

Identify Music Information

It is also capable of identifying the music files in batches so that you can save your time while editing them and do not have to do it one by one.

manage music

Sync to iTunes Library

Audio recorder can record online audio to MP3 or M4A files which are fully compatible with variety of devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android or MP3 players.

burn music to CD

Burning Music to CD

Audio Recorder provides an ultimate way to burn Apple music onto CD. Just select your favorite recorded music and start burning to audio CDs.

listen to Recorded Music

Smart Audio Recorder Ever

Record Pure Streaming Audio Without Ads

Don’t want to be breaked by annoyed ads and boring long silence during playing online music? Audio Recorder for Mac can automatically split the songs when the silence duration is longer than a certain value (from 100ms to 1000ms). Moreover, it uses a virtual sound card to record sound through your computer’s sound card – perserving 100% of the original audio quality.

Automatically Tag Your Music

Want to get the information of the album recorded? Audio Recorder for Mac can automatically identify the music information of the recording in a fast speed. It will help you find out the music title, artist, album, year, size, data and more. Further more, you can manually edit any music tags as you like.

More extensional functions for recording

Sync Music to iTunes

When the music recording is finished, all the recorded songs can be added to your iTunes Library with a simple click. Then you can enjoy those recorded music on your iPhone, iPad, iPod anytime and anywhere. For easier management, you can create your personal style of playlist for these recorded auido tracks.

Burn local and recorded music to CD

Being equipped with a music toolkit, Audio Recorder for Mac can help you to burn your recorded audio or local music to CD for music playback. By burning audio tracks to a CD, you can play your music in any music center like disc center, car stereo with CD player and more. Listening to music is never been so easy.

get music info
one-click audio recorder /

One-click to record any sound you want

No need to install plug-in or subscribe to any service, Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder allows you to record audio on Windows or Mac computer straightly. The app is easy to operate and lets you record any sound that you can hear in original quality. It endows you the ability to record the sound from various audio inputs – System Sound, Microphone, or both.

Share audio to various platforms

The practical share function enables you to share audio onto YouTube, Soundcloud, Google Plus, Twitter or other social networking sites. In addition, it helps to send audio via email. By sharing the file via internet, you can save up the storage of local disk.

Play recorded audio in real-time

Once recorded, you can check the quality of the music by listening to it with built-in player before the next step. If you are satisfied with the result, simply save it to your hard drive, or you may start with a new recording over again.

Manage audio recordings in desirable way

After you finish the recording, just enter the list to achieve more features. It is simple to check the file or open the destination folder to locate the audio on PC instantly. You are also allowed to listen to the audio and delete the unwanted files at will.